A Portrait of Cars is mainly based around Fremantle and Marine Pde, which is the Coastal Strip between Cottesloe and Fremantle in Western Australia, where a great car culture exists.

This car culture is particularly prevalent on weekends in summer when owners can really immerse themselves in it and the beach/social atmosphere the area has to offer. Driving up and down the Cappuccino Strip, South Tce or along Marine Pde, often in convoy, the car owners are all hugely proud of their cars, and the cars often seem to make up a part of who they are, and even play a role in how people view them in the community.

The stories about how owners acquire their cars is also usually interesting, quite often involving the cars being handed down through generations, given to partners as engagement presents etc.

Generally these cars are more temperamental than the average car  you see on the street today. They have their own little quirks about them, whether it be a dodgy door handle, or combination or choke and accelerate pumping to get them started on a cold morning. All of these little quirks make up the cars own personality, and hence they cars are quite often given human names, like Valerie, Vera etc.

The project is really about an obsession I have developed for photographing cars but also about preserving a moment in time that will soon be lost forever. I shoot in a documentary, candid style using shoot 100% film, mainly using an old medium format camera.  I find that colour film helps to bring out the beautiful colours of the old cars and helps to accentuate their nostalgic beauty.  Shooting on film also forces me to slow down and make sure I have a good composition, and I usually try to incorporate traditional buildings, old corner stores, hotels etc as backdrops to add the nostalgia of these old cars.

The project is as much about the quickly changing urban environment that these beautiful old cars inhabit, as the cars themselves. It is a last hurrah to some of the beautiful old corners stores, old buildings and establishments that are quickly being taken over by yuppified cafes, and franchised business's. Family run corner stores in Fremantle have been operating for 50 plus years, and like many others, soon may no longer exist.

If you have a car story to tell, or would like to have your portrait taken with your car, please contact me. 

Project Features:
- Tonelit Magazine Article
- Head On Finalist 2017
- Moran Prize Finalist 2017
- Capture Magazine - The Annual 2015, 2017
- Australia's Top 10 Emerging Documentary Photographer, Capture Magazine, 2017
- Paper Sea Quarterly

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